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Celebrate for a Better World

August 1

National Holiday of Benin, Switzerland

Former USA President Jimmy Carter negotiated ceasefire in Sudan to vaccinate children under World Health Organization auspices 1995

August 2

James Baldwin born in New York, 1924

Niall O'Brien born in Dublin, Ireland, 1939

National Holiday of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

August 3

Forgiveness Day [1st Sunday]

Friendship Day [1st Sunday]

National KidsDay [First Sunday in August] *

First World Arms Commission established San Sebastian, Spain, by League of Nations 1920

Margaret Kuhn born in New York, 1905

Martin Sheen born in Ohio, 1940
August 4

Raoul Wallenberg born in Sweden, 1912

Robert Thurman born in New York, 1941

David Lange born in New Zealand, 1942

Albert Einstein urged scientists to refuse military work, 1931

August 5

Abbe Pierre (Henri Groues) born in Lyon, France, 1912

Wendell Berry born in Kentucky, 1934

USA, USSR, UK signed treaty to ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, Moscow 1963

August 6

Hiroshima Day / No Nukes Day

Voting Rights Act of 1965 signed

National Holiday of Bolivia, Jamaica

August 7

Ralph Bunche born in Michigan, 1904

Helen Caldicott born in Australia, 1938

National Holiday of Côte d'Ivoire

August 8

Happiness Day

Dustin Hoffman born in California, 1937

USA President Truman signed ratification of UN Charter, Washington, D.C. 1945

August 9

* International Day of the World's Indigenous People

Nagasaki Day

National Holiday of Singapore

Mildred Robbins Leet born in New York, 1922

Satish Kumar born in India, 1936

August 10 National Holiday of Ecuador

President Nelson Mandela of South Africa established Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Desmond Tutu chair 1996
August 11

Robert G. Ingersoll born in New York, 1833

Bishop Antonio Fortich born in the Philippines, 1913

National Holiday of Chad

International Peace Academy founded by Maj. Gen. Jit Rikhye and Brig. Michael Harbottle 1980

August 12

* International Youth Day

Civil Rights Day

George Soros born in Budapest, Hungary, 1930

American Friends Service Committee founded by Quakers, 1917

August 13

 Lucy Stone born in Massachusetts, 1818

 Felix Adler born in Germany, 1851

August 14

Social Security Act signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1935

Atlantic Charter issued by USA President Roosevelt and UK Prime Minister Churchill, stating principles of world security, 1941

Community of Peace People founded in Northern Ireland, 1976

Poul Hartling born in Denmark, 1914

August 15

Oscar Romero born in El Salvador, 1917

Maxine Waters born in Missouri, 1938

Melinda Gates born in Texas, 1964

National Holiday of Congo, Liechtenstein, Republic of Korea

August 16

George Meany born in New York, 1894

Menachem Begin born in Belarus, 1913

E.F. Schumacher born in Germany, 1911

Madonna born in Michigan, 1958

Harmonic Convergence meditation took place around the world, 1987

August 17

Sean Penn born in California, 1960

National Holiday of Gabon, Indonesia

August 18

Margaret "Maddy" Murie born in Washington, 1902

Rosalynn Carter born in Georgia, 1927

Robert Redford born in California, 1937

19th Amendment ratified granting women the right to vote, 1920

Founding of World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) by Czech Jan Masaryk and British John Ennals 1950

August 19

* World Humanitarian Day

Jakob von Uexkull born in Sweden, 1944

Bill Clinton born in Arkansas, 1946

Kyra Sedgwick born in New York, 1965

National Holiday of Afghanistan

Opening of first World Conference on Population, Bucharest, Romania 1974

August 20 National Holiday of Hungary

UN success: Cease-fire in Iran-Iraq War, 7 a.m. 1988
August 21

National Senior Citizens Day

National Homeless Animals Day

August 22

Be An Angel Day (Do one small act of service for someone)

First UN Conference on Crime Prevention, Geneva 1955

August 23

* International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition

Antonia Novello born in Puerto Rico, 1944

Iccho Itoh born in Japan, 1945

Queen Noor born in Washington, DC, 1951

August 24

Howard Zinn born in New York, 1922

Paulo Coelho born in Brazil, 1947

National Holiday of Ukraine

August 25

National Holiday of Uruguay

Zilda Arns Neumann born in Brazil, 1943

Elvis Costello born in England, 1954

Claudia Schiffer born in Germany, 1970

UN Success in Yemen: UAR and Saudi Arabia signed treaty 1969

August 26

Women's Equality Day

 Yogi Bhajan born in India (now Pakistan), 1929

 Jinzaburo Takagi born in Japan, 1938

Barbara Ehrenreich born in Montana, 1941

August 27

Charles Gates Dawes born in Ohio, 1865

Mother Teresa born in Macedonia, 1910

Joan Kroc born in Minnesota, 1928

National Holiday of Republic of Moldova

August 28

Leo Tolstoy born in Russia, 1828

Roger Tory Peterson born in New York, 1908

Anna Politkovskaya born in New York, 1958

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, 1963

Participants in 'Religious Summit' and 'Millennium World Peace Summit' of 159 Heads of State made commitments to support peace, disarmament, human rights, protection of the environment and eliminate poverty, New York, 2000

August 29

* International Day against Nuclear Tests

John Locke born in England, 1632

First World Conference on Desertification, Nairobi 1977

August 30

* International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

Roy Wilkins born in Missouri, 1901

Sylvia Earle born in New Jersey, 1935

Molly Ivins born in California, 1944

John Lennon and Stevie Wonder gave "One to One" aid concert, 1972

August 31

National Holiday of Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago

Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin born in Massachusetts, 1842

Maria Montessori born in Italy, 1870

Ramon Magsaysay born in Philippines, 1907

Richard Gere born in Pennsylvania, 1949

Gary Webb born in California, 1955

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