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Celebrate for a Better World

February 1

Freedom Day

Leadership Week - Feb 1-7* (Starting first Sunday in February)

Langston Hughes born in Missouri, 1902

Fritjof Capra born in Austria, 1939

Nanda Pok born in Cambodia, 1959

February 2

Shakira born in Colombia, 1977

First World Disarmament Conference opened Geneva 1932

February 3

Elizabeth Blackwell born in England, 1821

Blythe Danner born in Pennsylvania, 1943

Melanie Safka born in New York, 1947

Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo born in East Timor, 1948

February 4

* World Cancer Day

St. Francis of Assisi, memorial, born 1181, Italy

Dietrich Bonhoeffer born in Germany, 1906

Rosa Parks born in Tuskegee, Alabama, 1913

Betty Friedan born in Illionois, 1921

Sima Samar born in Afghanistan, 1957

National Holiday of Sri Lanka

UN Convention against torture signed 1985

February 5

Anwarul Chowdhury born in Bangladesh, 1943

Ratification of Human Rights Conventions, 1952

February 6

Bob Marley born in Jamaica, 1945

National Holiday of New Zealand

February 7

Sir Thomas More born in England, 1478

Helder Camara born in Fortaleza, Brazil, 1909

Duane Elgin born in Idaho, 1943

Diana, Princess of Wales, advocated world-wide ban on landmines, Angola 1997

National Holiday of Grenada

February 8 Paul Hawken born, 1946
February 9

Alice Walker born in Georgia, 1944

February 10

Georges Pire born in Belgium, 1910

Frances Moore Lappé born in Oregon, 1944

Louise Arbour born in Montreal, Canada, 1947

February 11

Sheryl Crow born in Missouri, 1962

National Holiday of Islamic Republic of Iran

Yalta Declaration resolved to establish 'a general international organization to maintain peace and security' 1945

February 12

Abraham Lincoln born in Kentucky, 1809

Ceciliana Olilaeni born in Solomon Islands, 1950

Women gained the right to vote in Utah Territory, 1870

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded, 1909

February 13 Peter Gabriel was born in England, 1950
February 14

Race Relations Day

Richard Allen born in Pennsylvania, 1760

Frederick Douglass born in Maryland, 1818

Anna Howard Shaw born in England, 1847

League of Women Voters formed, 1920

Treaty of Tlatelolco, Mexico, banning nuclear weapons in Latin America signed 1967

February 15

Susan B. Anthony born in Massachusetts, 1820

Susan Brownmiller born in New York, 1935

Conor Oberst born in Nebraska, 1980

Woodrow Wilson presented the League of Nations Covenant to the Versailles Conference 1919

February 16 National Holiday of Lithuania

UN Human Rights Commission established, 1946
February 17 USA ratified Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war 1929
February 18

Wendell Wilkie born in Indiana, 1892

Julia Butterfly Hill born in Missouri, 1974

National Holiday of Gambia

February 19 UN Development Programme created, 1951
February 20

* World Day of Social Justice

René Dubos born in France, 1901

Buffy St. Marie born in Canada, 1941

MIR ('world,' 'Peace'), Russian-built space station launched in 1986

February 21

* International Mother Language Day

John van Hengel born in Wisconsin, 1923

John R. Lewis born in Troy, Alabama, 1940

Barbara Jordan born in Houston, Texas 1936

February 22

Gertrude Bonnin (Zitkala-Sa) born 1876 in South Dakota

Mahmoud ul Haq born 1934 in Kashmir

Nader Khalili born 1936 in Iran

Drew Barrymore born 1975 in California

National Holiday of Saint Lucia

February 23

W. E. B. DuBois born in Massachusetts, 1868

Inge Sargent born in Austria, 1932

National Holiday of Brunei Darussalam,Guyana

February 24

Irwin Abrams born in California, 1914

Edward James Olmos born in California, 1947

George Harrison born in England, 1943

National Holiday of Estonia

February 25

Téa Leoni born in New York, 1966

Ellis Jones born in 1970

National Holiday of Kuwait

February 26 Secretary-General U Thant signed United Nations proclamation of the vernal equinox as Earth Day, 1971
February 27

Perseverance Day

Rudolf Steiner born in Austria, 1861

Joanne Woodward born in Georgia, 1930

Ralph Nader born in Connecticut, 1934

National Holiday of Dominican Republic

February 28

Linus Pauling born in Oregon, 1901

Sir Brian Urquhart born in England, 1919

February 29

Khaled born in Algeria, 1960

The minimum working age for factory, mill, and mine workers is raised from twelve to fourteen years old in South Carolina, 1916.

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DO ONE THING and BetterWorld Kids Clubs are projects of The EMILY Fund (The Emily Silverstein Fund, Inc.)
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