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Celebrate for a Better World

"National Poverty Awareness Month"

January 1

One Day In Peace

Lakhdar Brahimi born in Algeria, 1934

Country Joe McDonald born in California, 1942

Katrina vanden Heuvel born in New York, 1960

National Holiday of Cuba, Haiti, Sudan

January 2

Daisaku Ikeda born in Japan, 1928

Isaac Asimov born in Russia, 1920

Leaders of the 3 warring factions in Bosnia met for peace discussions, 1993

January 3

Lucretia Mott born in Nantucket, Mass., 1793

Millard Fuller born in Alabama, 1935

Liya Kebede born in Ethiopia, 1980

The UN Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights came into force, 1976

January 4

Selena Butler born in Georgia, 1872

William Deane born in Australia, 1931

Michael Stipe born in Georgia, 1960

National Holiday of Myanmar

UN Convention on Elimination of Racial Discrimination in force, 1969

January 5 Francesco Suarez, pioneer of international law, born in Granada, Spain 1548
January 6 'No More War' movement founded in London, 1921
January 7

Zora Nale Hurston born in Alabama, 1891

Kenny Loggins born in Washington, 1948

 Meetings of the Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Canberra, Australia, 1996

January 8

A. J. Muste born in the Netherlands, 1885

Emily Greene Balch born in Massachusetts, 1867

Lewis Lapham born in California, 1835

President Lyndon Johnson declared a War On Poverty, 1964

January 9

Carrie Chapman Catt born in Wisconsin, 1859

Simone de Beauvoir born in France, 1908

Sunderlal Bahuguna born in India, 1927

Joan Baez born in Staten Island, N.Y., 1941

Rigoberta Menchu Tum born in Guatemala, 1959

January 10

Women's Suffrage Amendment introduced in Congress, 1878

League of Nations founded with 50 nations signing covenant to avoid war, 1920

First session of UN General Assembly with 51 nations represented, Central Hall, London 1946

January 11

UN Disarmament Commission set up 1952

Alice Paul born in New Jersey, 1885

Aldo Leopold born in Iowa, 1887

Betty Bumpers born in Arkansas, 1925

Jim Hightower born in Texas, 1943

Mary J. Blige born in New York, 1971

Amanda Peet born in New York, 1972

January 12 Genocide Convention came into force, 1951
January 13

Ernestine Rose born in Poland, 1810

Melvin Jones born in Arizona, 1879

International Convention on total prohibition of chemical weapons signed in Paris 1993

January 14

Hannah Solomon born in Chicago, Illinois, 1858

Albert Schweitzer born in Alsace-Lorraine, 1875

Julian Bond born in Tennessee, 1940

Carol Bellamy born in New Jersey, 1942

Precursor to UNESCO Committee for International Cooperation, first world cultural organization, founded, Geneva 1922

January 15

Martin Luther King Jr. born in Atlanta, 1929

January 16

Susan Sontag born in New York, 1933

Jeff Skoll born in Montreal, Canada, 1965

Religious Freedom Day - Virginia adopted religious freedom statute drafted by Thomas Jefferson, ultimately the model for the 1st Amendment, 1786

Civil Service was created by US Congress, 1883

January 17

Benjamin Franklin born in Massachusetts, 1706

Robert Maynard Hutchins born in New York, 1899

Muhammad Ali born in Kentucky, 1942

Robert Kennedy, Jr. born in Washington, DC, 1954

January 18

Kenneth Boulding born in Liverpool, England, 1910

Danny Kaye born in New York, 1913

John Hume born in Northern Ireland, 1937

Bernie Glassman born in New York, 1939

January 19 Martin Luther King Day of Service [3rd Monday]  

Edgar Helms born in New York, 1863

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar born in Peru, 1920

Dolly Parton born in Tennessee, 1946

Helen Mack Chang born in Guatemala, 1952

January 20

James Farmer born in Texas, 1920

United Nations University (UNU) inaugurated, Tokyo 1975

January 21

Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, born in Massachusetts, 1884

Richie Havens born in New York, 1941

January 22

U Thant, third UN Secretary-General, born Pantanaw, Burma 1909

Bruno Kreisky, born in Austria, 1911

January 23  United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) first meeting, London, 1946
January 24

Doris "Granny D" Haddock born in New Hampshire, 1910

Michio Kaku born in California, 1947

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) established in Vienna, first act of United Nations General Assembly 1946

January 25

Peace Conference at Versailles endorsed project of a League of Nations 1919

Amy Domini born in New York, 1950

January 26

Australia Day; Republic Day, India

Sean MacBride born in Paris, 1904

Paul Newman born in Ohio, 1925

Angela Davis born in Alabama, 1944

January 27

Samuel Gompers born in London, England, 1850

Donna Reed born in Iowa, 1921

Federico Mayor born in Barcelona, Spain, 1934

Father Roy Bourgeois born in Louisiana, 1938

Mairead Corrigan Maguire born in Northern Ireland, 1944

James Cromwell born in California, 1945

Asma Jahangir born in Pakistan, 1952

* International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

January 28

Sarah McLachlan born in Canada, 1968

United Nations Security Council resolution for cease-fire in Indonesia and request for independence from the Netherlands, 1948

January 29

Freethinker's Day

Thomas Paine born in England, 1737

Edward Abbey born in Pennsylvania, 1927

Oprah Winfrey born in Mississippi, 1954

January 30

Season For Nonviolence (Jan 30-April 4)

World Court first met at The Hague 1922

Franklin Delano Roosevelt born in New York, 1882

Saul Alinsky born in Chicago, IL, 1909

Fred Korematsu born in California, 1919

Martin Almada born in Paraguay, 1937

Maria Julia Hernandez born in Guatemala, 1939

January 31

Thomas Merton born in France, 1915

Alva Myrdal born in Sweden, 1902

Stewart Udall born in Arizona, 1920

Ken Wilber born in Oklahoma, 1949

Akbar Ganji born in Iran, 1960

National Holiday of Nauru

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