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Celebrate for a Better World

July 1

Walter White born in Georgia, 1893

David Brower born in California, 1912

Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales born in England, 1961

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute established, 1966

Medicare, US health plan for senior citizens, went into effect, 1968

National Holiday of Canada, Burundi, Rwanda

July 2

Hans Bethe born in Alsace-Lorraine, 1906

Thurgood Marshall born in Maryland, 1908

First Pugwash Conference of Scientists to discuss social responsibility and disarmament, Canada, 1957, founded by Josef Rotblat

Civil Rights Act of 1964 signed by President Lyndon Johnson prohibiting discrimination

July 3

Inga Thorsson born in Sweden, 1915

National Holiday of Belarus

July 4

Ron Kovic born in Wisconsin, 1946

Birsel Lemke born in Turkey, 1950

Peacekeeping in Yemen unified country, 1963

National Holiday of United States

July 5

Myles Horton born in Tennessee, 1905

National Holiday of Cape Verde, Venezuela

July 6

The Dalai Lama born in Tibet, 1935

Inge Genefke born in Denmark, 1938

First nation to ratify UN charter, Nicaragua 1945

National Holiday of Comoros, Malawi

* International Day of Cooperatives [first Saturday in July]

July 7

National Holiday of Solomon Islands

Convention on Political Rights of Women came into force 1954

July 8

Käthe Kollwitz born in 1867 in Germany

Faye Wattleton born in Missouri, 1943

Marianne Wiliamson born in Texas, 1952

Kevin Bacon born in Pennsylvania, 1958

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion that use of nuclear weapons is illegal, 1996

July 9

June Jordan born in New York, 1936

14th Amendment ratified, prohibiting any state from abridging the rights of any citizen, 1868

World Youth Assembly opened New York, 1970

July 10

Mary McLeod Bethune born in South Carolina, 1875

Toyohiko Kagawa born in Japan, 1888

Eunice Kennedy Shriver born in Massachusetts, 1921

Cindy Sheehan born in California, 1957

National Holiday of Bahamas

July 11

* World Population Day

E. B. White born in New York, 1899

UN Agreement on use and control of the moon 1984

World population reached 5 billion, 1987

National Holiday of Mongolia

July 12

Simplicity Day

Henry David Thoreau born in Massachusetts, 1817

R. Buckminster Fuller born in Massachusetts, 1895

Bill Cosby born in Pennsylvania, 1937

Cheyenne Jackson born in Washington, 1975

National Holiday of Sao Tome and Principe, Kiribati

July 13

Harrison Ford born in Illinois, 1942

Live Aid benefit concert took place in London, Philadelphia, Moscow and Sydney.

July 14

Emmeline Pankhusrt born in England, 1857

Woody Guthrie born in Oklahoma, 1912

Robert Jensen born in 1958

National Holiday of France

July 15

Arianna Huffington born in Greece, 1950

Jimmy Carter delivered "malaise" speech, where he described the nation's biggest threat was "this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation," 1979

Third World Conference on Women began in Kenya, 1985

July 16

Clara Shortridge Foltz born in Indiana, 1849

Ida B. Wells born in Mississippi, 1862

Trygve Lie born in Norway, 1896

Barbara Lee born in Texas, 1946

July 17

Justice Day

National Holiday of Iraq

July 18

* Nelson Mandela International Day

Peace Pilgrim born in New Jersey, 1908

Nelson Mandela born in South Africa, 1918

Richard Branson born in England, 1950

July 19

 George McGovern born in South Dakota, 1922

Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls, NY, 1848, starting US women's rights movement

July 20

Carlos Santana born in Mexico, 1947

Geneva Accords for cessation of fighting between Vietnam and France, 1954

National Holiday of Colombia

July 21

Paul Wellstone born in Virginia, 1944

Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens born in England, 1948

Robin Williams born in Illinois, 1951

National Women's Hall Of Fame founded in Seneca Falls, NY, 1979

National Holiday of Belgium

July 22

Raul Yzaguirre was born in Texas, 1939

Danny Glover was born in California, 1946

Rufus Wainwright was born in NewYork, 1973

July 23

Barbara Deming born in New York, 1917

First post-World War II summit on disarmament, Geneva 1955

National Holiday of Egypt

July 24

Bella Abzug born in New York, 1920

William Ruckelshaus born in Indiana, 1932

July 25 UN Convention on Refugees, 1951
July 26

George Bernard Shaw born in Ireland, 1856

Eberhard Arnold born in East Prussia, 1883

Aldous Huxley born in England, 1894

Americans With Disabilities Act signed, 1990

National Holiday of Liberia, Maldives

July 27

Martin Ennals born in England, 1927

UN Peace accord between North and South Korea signed at Panmunjom, 1953

Parents' Day [4th Sunday]

July 28

* World Hepatitis Day

Ballington Booth born in England, 1857

Beatrix Potter born in England, 1866

Ray Anderson born in Georgia, 1934

Bill Bradley born in Missouri, 1943

Terry Fox born in Canada, 1958

USA Senate approved UN Charter 1945

National Holiday of Peru

July 29

Dag Hammarskjöld born in Sweden, 1905

Clarence Jordan born in Georgia, 1912

July 30

* International Day of Friendship

Major General Smedley Butler born in Pennsylvania, 1881

Jean Dominique born in Haiti, 1930

Pat Schroeder born in Oregon, 1940

Famous letter this date from Einstein to Freud probing human instincts for war or peace. Potsdam 1932

National Holiday of Vanuatu

July 31

Whitney Young born in Kentucky, 1921

Peter Benenson born in England, 1921

Deadline for President's Environmental Youth Award National Competition (

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