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Celebrate for a Better World

June 1

William Sloan Coffin Jr. born in New York, 1924

Gineatta Sagan born in Italy, 1925

Morgan Freeman born in Tennessee, 1937

Alanis Morissette born in Canada, 1974

National Holiday of Samoa

June 2

National Holiday of Italy

Cornel West born in Oklahoma, 1953

June 3

First World Conference on the Environment, Stockholm 1972. World's first conference with direct participation of NGOs: Istanbul Habitat Conference 1996.

June 4

* International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Gaylord Nelson born in Wisconsin, 1916

Dennis Weaver born in Missouri, 1924

Jim Wallis born in Detroit, 1948

Angelina Jolie born in California, 1975

National Holiday of Tonga

Carbon Dioxide Reduction Treaty, Rio 1992

June 5

* World Environment Day

Ruth Fulton Benedict born in New York, 1887

Bill Moyers born in Oklahoma, 1934

Angie Zelter born in UK, 1951

June 6

Marian Wright Edelman born in South Carolina, 1939

Mary Elizabeth Thunder born in Indiana, 1944

Holly Near born in California, 1949

National Holiday of Sweden

'Give Peace a Chance,' song composed by John Lennon, 'Hymn to the United Nations,' by Pablo Casals, the 'UN March' by Dmitri Shosta-kovitch distributed to all schools in Connecticut 1979

June 7 National Cancer Survivors Day [1st Sunday]

Virginia Apgar born in New Jersey, 1909

Bernard Lown born in Lithuania, 1921

Liam Neeson born in Ireland, 1952

UN World Disarmament campaign began, led by Bruce Kent, London, 1982

June 8

* World Oceans Day

Frank Lloyd Wright born in Wisconsin, 1867

Kayne West born in Georgia, 1977

Hans Fieler born in Bavaria, 1890

Bill of Rights proposed by James Madison, 1789

June 9

Bertha von Suttner born in Prague, 1843

Michael J. Fox born in Canada, 1961

Johnny Depp born in Kentucky, 1963

Natalie Portman born in Israel, 1981

June 10

John Edwards born in South Carolina, 1953

National Holiday of Portugal

June 11

Jeannette Rankin born in Montana, 1880

Jacques Cousteau born in France, 1910

Sumaya Farhat Naser born in Palestine, 1948

June 12

* World Day Against Child Labour

Betty Reardon born in New York, 1929

National Holiday of Russian Federation, Philippines

The Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia ended, 1935

United Nations General Assembly approved Non-Proliferation Treaty 1968

June 13

Eleanor Holmes Norton born in Washington, DC, 1937

Rhode Island became the first of British North American colony to ban the importation of slaves, 1774

Thurgood Marshall became first African American nominated as Supreme Court Justice, 1967

June 14

* World Blood Donor Day

Harriet Beecher Stowe born in Connecticut, 1811

Douglas Roche was born in 1929 in Canada

Abused Women & Children Day [2nd Sunday]

June 15

Paul Rusesabagina was born in 1954 in Rwanda

Magna Carta, a milestone for human rights and freedom, signed by King John, 1215

G77 Group of Developing Countries (now 133) founded 1967

Father's Day [3rd Sunday]

June 16

Bishop John Shelby Spong born in North Carolina, 1931

Stockholm Declaration on the Environment, 1972

June 17

* World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

General Lee Butler born in Georgia, 1939

Starhawk born in Minnesota, 1951

National Holiday of Iceland, U.K., Northern Ireland

June 18

Fernando Henrique Cardoso born in Brazil, 1931

Paul McCartney born in England, 1942

Isabella Rossellini born in Rome, Italy, 1952

National Holiday of Seychelles

June 19

Juneteenth / Emancipation Day - commemorating freeing of slaves in Texas

Alan Cranston born in California, 1914

Aung San Suu Kyi born in Burma, 1945

Kathleen Turner born in Missouri, 1954

First International Women's Conference, Mexico City 1975

June 20

* World Refugee Day

Xanana Gusmão born in East Timor, 1946

Nicole Kidman born in Hawaii, 1967

June 21

 World Peace & Prayer Day

Joseph Ki-Zerbo born in Burkina Faso, 1922

Shirin Ebadi born in Iran, 1947

Benazir Bhutto born in Pakistan, 1953

June 22

Interfaith Day

Erin Brockovich born in Kansas, 1960

 Capital punishment abolished in Canada, 1976

June 23

* United Nations Public Service Day

* International Widow's Day

National Holiday of Luxembourg

World Food Conference, Rome 1975

June 24

 Henry Ward Beecher born in Connecticut, 1813

Norman Cousins born in New Jersey, 1915

June 25

Lois Gibbs born in 1952

Dikembe Mutombo born in Zaire, 1966

Lauren Bush born in Texas, 1984

National Holiday of Mozambique, Slovenia

June 26

* International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

* International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Pearl S. Buck born in West Virginia, 1892

United Nations Charter signed in San Francisco by 50 nations, 1945

National Holiday of Madagascar

June 27

Helen Keller born in Alabama, 1880

Emma Goldman born in Russia, 1869

Grace Lee Boggs born in Rhode Island, 1915

Emily Rachel Silverstein born in New Jersey, 1989

National Holiday of Djibouti

June 28

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species 1973

Hans Blix born in Sweden, 1928

Muhammad Yunus born in Bangladesh, 1940

June 29

Julia Lathrop born in Illinois, 1858

Samantha Smith born in Maine, 1972

US National Forest Service was organized, 1891

93 nations agreed to halt chemical destruction of ozone layer, 1990

June 30

Bunker Roy born in India, 1945

National Organization For Women (NOW) founded, 1966

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