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Celebrate for a Better World

November 1

Carlos Saavedra Lamas born in Argentina, 1878

Philip Noel-Baker born in England, 1889

Edward Said born in Palestine, 1935

Bernard Kouchner born in France, 1939

World Vegan Day

World Community Day [1st Saturday]

National Holiday of Algeria, Antigua & Barbuda

November 2

Jessie Daniel Ames born in Texas, 1883

UNESCO saved Abu Simbel and other 5,000-year-old temples of Egypt, 1980

U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed bill establishing Martin Luther King Day as a Federal holiday, 1983.

November 3

Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia born in Mexico, 1924

Amartya Sen born in India, 1933

Lynn Woolsey born in Washington, 1937

Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba born in Japan, 1942

Culture Day (Japan)

National Holiday of Dominica, Micronesia, Panama

November 4

Joseph Rotblat born in Warsaw, Poland, 1908

Will Rogers born in Oklahoma, 1879

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) founded, Paris 1946

November 5

Eugene V. Debs born in Indiana, 1855

Ida Tarbell born in Pennsylvania, 1857

Ari Ariyaratne born in Sri Lanka, 1931

Luisa Morgantini born in Italy, 1940

Vandana Shiva born in India, 1952

Jeffrey Sachs born in Michigan, 1954

November 6

* International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

UN General Assembly urged comprehensive nuclear test ban, 1962

November 7


Judi Bari born in Maryland, 1949

November 8

Henri Dunant born in Switzerland, 1828

Dorothy Day born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1897

Edward Goldsmith born in France, 1928

Bonnie Raitt born in California, 1949

November 9

Benjamin Banneker born in Maryland, 1731

Jean Monnet born in France, 1888

Peter Drucker born in Austria, 1909

Mary Metlay Kaufman born in Georgia, 1912

Thomas Berry born in North Carolina, 1914

Sargent Shriver born in Maryland, 1915

Carl Sagan born in New York, 1934

National Holiday of Cambodia

UN Relief and Reconstruction Agency (UNRRA), first UN organization, founded in Washington, 1943

National Child Safety Council founded, 1955

Berlin Wall opened after 28 years of dividing East and West Berlin, 1989

November 10

Russell Means born in South Dakota, 1939

International Whaling Treaty in effect 1948

* World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 11

Abigail Adams born in Massachusetts, 1744

Alfred Fried born in Vienna, Austria, 1864

Barbara Boxer born in New York, 1940

Leonardo DiCaprio born in California, 1974

National Holiday of Angola


Election Day [1st Tuesday after 1st Monday]

World War 1 ended at 11am, 1918

November 12

Elizabeth Cady Stanton born in New York, 1815

Neil Young born in Canada, 1945

Anne Hathaway born in New York, 1982

November 13

World Kindness Day

 Whoopi Goldberg born in New York, 1955

November 14

Ernest K. Coulter born in Ohio, 1871

Jawaharlal Nehru born in India, 1889

Astrid Lindgren born in Vimmerby, Sweden, 1907

Boutros Boutros-Ghali born in Cairo, Egypt 1922

King Hussein born in Jordan, 1935

*World Diabetes Day

November 15

Recycling Day

 Louis Freeland Post born in New Jersey, 1849

Ed Asner born in Kansas, 1929

Daniel Barenboim born in Argentina, 1942

David Cortright born in Pennsylvania, 1946

November 16

* International Day for Tolerance

* World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims [3rd Sunday]

Landon Pearson born in Ontario, Canada, 1930

Constitution adopted by UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Paris 1945

November 17

World Peace Day

Grace Abbott born in Nebraska, 1878

Christopher Weeramantry born in Sri Lanka, 1926

Yolanda King born in Alabama, 1955

UN resolution recommending teaching about UN in schools, 1947

November 18

Prematurity Awareness Day

Wilma Mankiller born in Oklahoma, 1945

South Africa adopted a new constitution granting civil rights to blacks

National Holiday of Latvia, Oman

November 19

National Holiday of Monaco

172 New Jersey suffragists attempted to vote in presidential election to test new 14th Amendment, 1868

UN Emblem of globe in olive branch adopted by General Assembly 1946

Cold War officially ended at Summit in Paris to reduce nuclear weapons, 1990

Chico Whitaker born in Brazil, 1931

Ted Turner born in Ohio, 1938

Meg Ryan born in Connecticut, 1961

November 20

* Africa Industrialisation Day

* Universal Children's Day

* World Philosophy Day [3rd Thursday]

Norman Thomas born in Ohio, 1884

Sister Corita Kent born in Iowa, 1918

Robert F. Kennedy born in Massachusetts, 1925

New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights, 1789

November 21

* World Television Day

Marlo Thomas born in Michigan, 1938

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah born in Mauritania, 1940

George Fox and fellow Quakers present their Peace Testimony to King Charles II of England, 1660

National Holiday of Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 22

Claiborne Pell born in New York, 1918

Jamie Lee Curtis born in California, 1958

Scarlett Johansson born in New York, 1984

National Holiday of Lebanon

UN Development Programme (UNDP) set up, Paul Hoffman the first director 1965

November 23

Theodore Weld was born in Connecticut, 1803

Karl Hjalmar Branting born in Sweden, 1860

 UNESCO World Heritage Treaty to preserve major human-made and natural works of art was signed, 1972.

November 24

Baruch Spinoza born in Holland, 1632

Arundhati Roy born in India, 1961

November 25

* International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Andrew Carnegie born 1835 in Scotland

National Holiday of Suriname

November 26

Patricio Aylwin was born in Chile, 1918

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel was born in Argentina, 1931

UN Resolution against Capital Punishment 1968

November 27

Jimi Hendrix was born in Washington, 1942

Alfred Nobel signed his will setting aside his estate to create the Nobel Prize after his death, 1895

 First session of Commission on Narcotic Drugs began in Geneva, 1946

November 28

Jon Stewart was born in New York, 1962

Buy Nothing Day [Friday after Thanksgiving]

National Holiday of Mauritania, Albania

First World Biodiversity Conference, Nassau, Bahamas 1994

November 29

Wendell Phillips born in Massachusetts, 1811

Elias Chacour born in Upper Galilee, 1939

Petra Kelly born in Germany, 1947

November 30

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) born in Missouri, 1835

Shirley Chisholm born in New York, 1924

Clay Aiken born in North Carolina, 1978

National Holiday of Barbados

First UN Resolution on Antarctica to demilitarize the area 1953

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