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Celebrate for a Better World

October 1

* International Day of Older Persons

Vegetarian Day

Jimmy Carter born in Georgia, 1924

National Holiday of China, Cyprus ,Nigeria, Palau

October 2

World Farm Animals Day

* International Day of Non-Violence

Mohandas Gandhi born in India, 1869

Cordell Hull born in Tennessee, 1871

Sting born in England, 1951

Thurgood Marshall sworn in as first black Supreme Court Justice, 1967

National Holiday of Guinea

October 3

India.Arie born in Colorado, 1975

East and West German were reunited after 45 years of division, 1990

National Holiday of Germany

October 4

World Animal Day

* World Space Week (October 4-10)

Kek Galabru born in Cambodia, 1942

Susan Sarandon born in New York, 1946

Julian Clerc born in France, 1947

Alicia Silverstone born in California, 1976

National Holiday of Lesotho

October 5

* World Teachers Day

Leopold Kohr born in Austria, 1909

Philip Berrigan born in Minnesota, 1923

Vaclav Havel born in Czechoslavakia, 1936

Bob Geldof born in Ireland, 1954

Maya Lin born in Ohio, 1959

Intergeneration Day [1st Sunday]

October 6

Fannie Lou Hamer born in Mississippi, 1917

Yevgeny Chazov born in Russia, 1929

Marshall Rosenberg born in Ohio, 1934

American Library Association founded, 1876

UN General Assembly Resolution No. 1881 for release of all political prisoners in all nations, 1963

* World Habitat Day [1st Monday]

Child Health Day [1st Monday]

October 7

Joe Hill born in Sweden, 1879

Hans-Peter Dürr born in Germany, 1929

Bishop Desmond Tutu born in South Africa, 1931

Yo-Yo Ma born in France, 1955

October 8

Dennis Kucinich born in Ohio, 1946

Hanan Ashrawi born in Palestine, 1946

October 9

* World Post Day

* World Sight Day [2nd Thursday in October]

National Holiday of Uganda

Nicolas Roerich born in Russia, 1874

John Lennon born in England, 1940

Jody Williams born in Vermont, 1950

October 10

* World Mental Health Day

Bradley Whitford born in Wisconsin, 1959

National Holiday of Fiji

October 11

Jubilee 2000, led by churches, brought debt relief to 14 of 41 eligible, indebted poor countries, 2000

Eleanor Roosevelt born in New York, 1884

October 12

Marian Franz born in Kansas, 1930

National Holiday of Equatorial Guinea, Spain

UN Center for Human Settlements (HABITAT) set up in Nairobi, Kenya 1978

October 13

John R. Commons born in Ohio, 1862

Nana Mouskouri born in Greece, 1934

Paul Simon born in New Jersey, 1941

Charlotte Bunch born in North Carolina, 1944

Canadian Ambassador to the UN Robert Fowler began investigation into the 'diamond trade' in Sierra Leone, Namibia, and other nations, 2000

* International Day for Disaster Reduction

October 14

William Penn born in England, 1644

Dwight Eisenhower born in Texas, 1890

Hannah Arendt born in East Prussia, 1906

C. Everett Koop born in New York, 1916

Roger Moore born in London, England, 1927

*International Standards Day

October 15

 White Cane Safety Day

* International Day of Rural Women

October 16

* World Food Day

Justice William O. Douglas born in Minnesota, 1898

Leon Sullivan born in West Virginia, 1922

Conflict Resolution Day [3rd Thursday]

October 17

* International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Graça Machel-Mandela born in Mozambique, 1945

Ziggy Marley born in Jamaica, 1968

October 18

Democracy Day

Media Reform Day

 Persons Day in Canada, commemorating ruling that women are considered to be persons with rights and priviliges, 1929

Félix Houphouët-Boigny born in Côte d'Ivoire, 1905

October 19 Brundtland Report, 'Our Common Future,' proclaiming the needs of development while protecting the environment, published, 1987
October 20

John Dewey born in Vermont, 1859

Wayne Morse born in Wisconsin, 1900

Janet Jagan born in Illinois, 1920

Li Zhaoxing born in China, 1940

Founding of United Nations International School (UNIS), NY 1947

October 21

National Holiday of Somalia

UN Flag adopted 1947

Alfred Nobel born in Sweden, 1833

October 22

Abigail Scott Duniway born in Illinois, 1834

Deepak Chopra born in India, 1946

National Holiday of Holy See

Minute of Silence to open General Assembly of the United Nations agreed, 1949

October 23

Anita Roddick born in England, 1942

Peace Treaty in Cambodia, 1991

October 24

* World Development Information Day

* United Nations Day

* Disarmament Week (October 24 - 30)

Belva Ann Lockwood born in New York, 1830

Johan Galtung born in Norway, 1930

National Holiday of Zambia

United Nations founded, 1945

October 25

National Holiday of Kazakhstan

Pablo Picasso born in Spain, 1881

* World Day for Audio Visual Heritage

October 26

Manfred Max-Neef born in Chile, 1932

Evo Morales born in Bolivia, 1959

Paul Farmer born in Massachusetts, 1959

National Holiday of Austria

October 27

Make A Difference Day [4th Saturday]

Separation of Church and State Day

National Holiday of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkmenistan

Klas Pontus Arnoldson born in Sweden, 1844

Theodore Roosevelt born in New York, 1858

Luis Lula da Silva born in Brazil, 1945

October 28

Desiderius Erasmus born c. 1469, Holland

Jonas Salk born in New York, 1914

Julia Roberts born in Georgia, 1967

River Phoenix born in Puerto Rico, 1974

National Holiday of Czech Republic

UN World Charter for Nature adopted 1982

October 29

National Holiday of Turkey

First session of International Labour Organisation, Washington, D.C. 1919

Precursor to Internet (ARPANET) created, 1969

October 30 Moscow Agreement of great powers on necessity of the United Nations, 1943
October 31 UNICEF DAY: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund established by Maurice Pate 1950

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