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Celebrate for a Better World

September 1

Labor Day [1st Monday]

National Holiday of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Uzbekistan, Slovakia

National Childhood Injury Prevention Week (Sept 1-7)

September 2

James Forten born in Pennsylvania, 1766

Dick Sheppard born in England, 1880

National Holiday of Viet Nam

Convention on Rights of the Child in effect 1990, still awaiting signature by USA and Somalia

September 3

National Holiday of Qatar, San Marino

Eduardo Galeano born in Uruguay, 1940

American Revolution officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, 1783

Convention for Elimination of Discrimination Against Women 1981 (CEDAW)

September 4

Opening of Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995

September 5

Jonathan Kozol born in Massachusetts, 1936

First US Labor Day parade held in New York City, 1882

Theodore Roosevelt successfully mediated signing of Treaty of Portsmouth, ending war betwee Japan and Russia, 1905.

Camp David Accords begin as Jimmy Carter hosts peace process between Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachim Begin of Israel, 1978

UN Conference on Population and Development, opened in Cairo, Egypt, 1994

September 6

Jane Addams born in Illinois, 1860

Jane Curtin born in Massachusetts, 1947

The Millennium Summit at the United Nations began, bringing together more than 150 world leaders (the most ever at a meeting) who agreed to the Millennium Development Goals, commiting their nations to help end poverty, fight AIDS, promote human rights and protect the planet, September 6-9, 2000

National Holiday of Swaziland

September 7

Grandparents' Day [1st Sunday after Labor Day]

Independence Day of Brazil

Ela Bhatt born in India, 1933

Cornerstone of League of Nations headquarters, Palais des Nations, now housing UN agencies, laid in Geneva, Switzerland 1929

September 8

* International Literacy Day

National Holiday of Andorra

Oprah Winfrey Show premiered, 1986

Opening of World Conference on Family Violence, New Delhi 1998

September 9

Leo Tolstoy born in Russia, 1828

David A. Stewart born in England, 1952

National Holiday of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Tajikistan

September 10

* World Suicide Prevention Day

Jean Vanier born in Switzerland, 1928

Neale Donald Walsch born in Wisconsin, 1943

Medea Benjamin born in New York, 1952

Colin Firth born in England, 1960

USA President Clinton signed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) New York 1996

September 11

Start of the 11 Days of Global Unity

UN STAFF DAY, mourning almost 1600 international civil servants and peacemakers killed or jailed

September 12

Interdependence Day

Linda Gray born in California, 1940

European Assembly in Strasbourg, France, voted to phase out war toys and their advertising, 1982

September 13

Maud Booth born in England, 1865

Arthur Henderson born in Scotland, 1863

Oscar Arias Sanchez born in Costa Rica, 1940

September 14

Alice Stone Blackwell born in New Jersey, 1857

Robert Cecil born in London, 1864

Constance Baker Motley born in Connecticut, 1921

September 15

* International Day of Democracy

National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 - Oct. 15)

Lida Yusupova born in Chechnya, 1961

National Holiday of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

First National Convention for Blacks held in Philadelphia, 1830

First woman president of the United Nations General Assembly, Mme V.L. Pandit of India, elected 1953

Greenpeace founded, 1971

September 16

* International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

National Holiday of Mexico, Papua New Guinea

Sadako Ogata born in Japan, 1927

Ed Begley, Jr. born in California, 1949

September 17

 Citizenship Day (commemorating 1787 ratification of the US Constitution)

Mary Burnett Talbert born in Ohio, 1866

Jan Eliasson born in Sweden, 1940

September 18

Aisha Tyler born in California, 1970

National Holiday of Chile

September 19

Paulo Freire born in Brazil, 1921

National Holiday of Saint Kitts and Nevis

September 20

Ernesto Moneta born in Italy, 1833

Henry Stephens Salt born in New York, 1851

Upton Sinclair born in California, 1878

Equal Rights Party was founded in San Francisco, 1884

UN achieved independence of Papua New Guinea, 1975

September 21

* International Day of Peace (Peace Day)

H.G. Wells born in England, 1866

First US Congressional vote supporting UN, Fulbright Resolution, 1943

September 22

National Holiday of Mali

Timothy Wirth born in New Mexico, 1939

Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln, freeing all slaves in America, 1862

Church Center of UN donated by world Methodists dedicated by U Thant for use of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) 1962

September 23

Victoria Claflin Woodhull born in Ohio, 1838

Lord John Boyd-Orr born in Scotland, 1880

Ani Difranco born in New York, 1970

National Holiday of Saudi Arabia

September 24

* World Maritime Week (Last week in September)

National Holiday of Guinea-Bissau

September 25

Mercy Otis Warren born in Massachusetts, 1728

Kees Boeke born in Netherlands, 1884

Michael Douglas born in New Jersey, 1944

Christopher Reeve born in New York, 1952

September 26

Family Day (By Presidential Proclamation)

King Christian born in Denmark, 1870

September 27

Dith Pran born in Cambodia, 1942

Avril Lavigne born in Canada, 1984

* World Tourism Day

September 28

Frances Willard born in New York, 1839

Janeane Garofalo born in New Jersey, 1964

Thanks to Secretary-General U Thant's quiet diplomacy, Cuban missile crisis ended 1962

* World Rabies Day

* World Heart Day [last Sunday in September]

National Good Neighbor Day [4th Sunday in September]

September 29

Lech Walesa born in Poland, 1943

Ko´chiro Matsuura born in Japan, 1937

September 30

Elie Wiesel born in Romania, 1928

National Holiday of Botswana

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