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Everything needs energy to work - machines, plants and animals. Most of the energy on our planet comes from the sun. Plants convert energy from the sun and store it. When animals eat plants, their bodies use the stored energy to breathe, move and grow. Today humans have many machines that help us to do work, move around and provide heat. These all need energy.

Most machines run on heat or electricity, and much of it is produced by burning coal, oil and natural gas. These are called fossil fuels, because they come from ancient plants and animals. They are non-renewable energy sources because but they took millions of years to form and there is only a limited supply. Humans will use up most of these stored materials in less than 200 years!

There is an almost unlimited supply of renewable energy. It is harnessed from sunlight or from the natural flow of wind or water, or by growing easily replaceable plants that can be turned into biofuel. Conserving energy -- not using energy-consuming machines when you don't have to, and using more efficient machines - is an even wiser energy choice!

Switching to cleaner, renewable energy is becoming more urgent. Burning fossil fuels causes air pollution. Coal mining and oil drilling destroy natural habitats. There is still no safe way to dispose of wastes from nuclear power plants. Scientists are concerned about the terrible events that may happen because of global climate change caused by burning fossil fuels. As the public becomes more aware of the reasons to switch to renewable energy, governments are paying attention. In 1997, many nations joined to address the problem of global climate change by agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol, which calls for a reduction in carbon emissions from fossil fuels. The US is the only major nation that refuses to participate.

Energy Day on March 1 is an opportunity to raise awareness in your community about renewable energy sources and ways to conserve energy. We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices.


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DO ONE THING for a Better World

1. Find out more about renewable energy

2. Urge national leaders to fund renewable energy research

3. Urge local leaders to use renewable energy

4. Conserve energy - GO GREEN

5. Support organizations that promote renewable energy

5. Organize or participate in a community-building, awareness raising activity on Renewable Energy Day


Alliant Energy Kids
Alternative Energy Network
Campaign Earth
Infinite Power (Fact Sheets)
National Center for Appropriate Technology
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pennsylvania DEP (What is Renewable Energy)
Renewable Energy News
Solar Electric Light Fund
Solar Energy International
US Department of Energy

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Energy Day - March 1

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