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International Day of Families
May 15


The ideal of "a family" is one of the most basic models of what a better world can be like. In a perfect family, the members are joined by bonds of love; they help each other meet all of their physical and emotional needs. Of course no family is perfect, but a family that strives together to become a "family for a better world" can help each member to feel more fulfilled and better about themselves and the world. They also provide a real-life example of how the human family can work together to create a better world.

The first step to becoming a "Better World Family" is to decide to become one. It will be an ongoing learning experience with lots of mistakes. You'll need all of the tools you've learned as peacebuilders. You might decide to set a regular time to discuss and work out family problems and issues. You'll want to make sure that you show your concern and encouragement for each other, regularly. You'll need to let things go and apologize and accept apologies and make amends when apologies aren't enough. You're a team and you want to work it out. You may decide to work together on projects for a better world as a way to strengthen your dedication.

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly decided that 15 May of every year should be observed as the International Day of Families (resolution 47/237 of 20 September). In 1989, by resolution 44/82, the Assembly had proclaimed 1994 the International Year of the Family, to increase awareness of family issues and improve the capability of nations to tackle family-related problems with comprehensive policies.

In the United States, Family Day is also observed on September 26 by Presidential Proclamation.


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DO ONE THING for a Better World

1. Find out more about building a strong family

2. Invite your family to start a regular Family Time to discuss ways to improve your family life

3. Invite your family to work together on a DO ONE THING project

4. Support organizations that help build healthy families


International Day of Families
UN Programme on the Family
Family Research Laboratory
Families Australia
Building a Strong Family (Univ of Florida)



International Day
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Intl Day of Families-May 15

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