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Interfaith Day
June 22

Some of the wars and conflicts of the past and present were fought over land and resources, but many have been over religious differences. In this past century, a global interfaith movement has been growing, helping to raise consciousness about the need for tolerance and understanding between different cultures and religions. This movement has helped highlight the common goals that most religions share, such as the Golden Rule, which is at the heart of nearly all religious traditions. At the same time, many throughout the world are discovering that 'spirituality' -- a deep connection to a greater purpose for humanity -- is an important driving force in their lives, even if they aren't religious.

UNESCO, working with religious and spiritual NGOs, is currently developing an action plan for Interfaith Cooperation for Peace. The flagship event, a Conference on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace took place on June 22, 2005. Interfaith Day is an opportunity for all who value spirituality in their lives to connect and unite in our wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world based on values grounded in our deeper spiritual connection to each other and the world around us.

World Spirituality Day is observed on December 31 as a time for the spiritual community to join together to celebrate the victories for peace, tolerance and understanding that have been won throughout the year and to rededicate our lives to our spiritual paths.

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DO ONE THING for a Better World

1. Learn about a faith different from your own.

2. Hold an interfaith peace vigil or other interfaith event.

3. Support organizations working to promote interfaith cooperation.


Interfaith Day of Cooperation for Peace - June 22
World Spirituality Day - December 31

The Interfaith Alliance
The Interfaith Center of New York
Interfaith Youth Core
The Network of Spiritual Progressives
The Temple of Understanding
United Religions Initiative
The World Peace Prayer Society


Interfaith Day

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Interfaith Day-June 22

Rebecca Adamson

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The 14th Dalai Lama

C. Welton Gaddy

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Julia Butterfly Hill

Barbara Marx Hubbard

King Hussein of Jordan

Thomas Jefferson

John F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy

Satish Kumar

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Robert Jay Lifton

Chief Oren Lyons

Thomas Merton

Nina Meyerhof

Bill Moyers

Robert Muller

Queen Noor of Jordan

Robert Owen

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Bishop John Shelby Spong

Pauline Tangiora

Brother Wayne Teasdale

Mary Thunder

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