Karen Armstrong

British Writer, Comparative Religion Academic
Creator, Charter for Compassion

birthdate: November 14
birthplace: Wildmoor, Worcestershire, England

Karen Armstrong, a former nun, is the author of more than 20 books on faith and the shared ideas of the world's major religions, like the importance of the Golden Rule. In 2008, she was granted the $100,000 TED Prize and used the funds to put together a Charter for Compassion, which was created with the input from around the world through the internet. The nonprofit, Compassionate Action Network International was inspired by Karen Armstrong's book, 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life. It's goal is to connect communities and organizations to grow a global movement of compassionate action. You can help grow the movement by: * Starting a Compassionate Action Group * Sign the Charter for Compassion online at: www.charterforcompassion.org




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