Garret John LoPorto

American Writer, Social Change Advocate

"Wayseers are the change agents of society. Wayseers are the ones who know first, who sense earliest the disturbances in the fabric of human affairs the trends, the patterns, the fashions, the coming groundswells, the revolutions that are afoot."

In 2011, author and social entrepreneur Garret John LoPorto's youtube video, The Wayseer Manifesto went viral; now translated into several languages, more than 6 million have seen it. The video is based on the ideas in his book, The Wayseers, which calls upon free-spirits, visionaries and non-conformists to join the revolution to change the establishment and create a new paradigm. Garret John LoPorto's first book, The DaVinci Method discusses the idea that not only is a genetically inherited trait responsible for an atypical wiring of the brain that can be found in many of history's great creative risk takers, innovators, pioneers and visionaries, but this same trait can cause ADHD, dyslexia and addictions that are common among these non-conformists. His website seeks to bring together innovative ideas and people to create a global community working together for change.


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