Esther Eggertsen Peterson

American Consumer & Women's Advocate
Assistant Secretary of Labor, Director of US Women's Bureau
National Women's Hall of Fame
1981 Presidential Medal of Freedom

birthdate: December 9
Provo, Utah


I just love everything. I wake up in the morning excited. There are so many things to do. ... you can do so many things if you believe in it!

We have a tremendous responsibility to future generations to leave an accurate record of our history, one which lays bare not only the facts, but the process of change.

you've got to stick together. One person alone could not do it."

"There's no end of things that can be done!"

Go do something about it. Write a letter. Make a call. There's no end of things that can be done!"

'Do what is right; let the consequence follow'

I was raised that whatever you did was for the good. ... You took individual responsibility for the decisions you made, and you had to be absolutely sure that you were not hurting anybody else.

I go back to what Mrs. Roosevelt taught me: 'Always compromise, but compromise upwards.' Isn't that lovely?

"Women's place is where they can do the most good."


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