Paul Simon

American Singer-Songwriter, Children's Health Advocate

birthdate: October 13
Newark Heights, New Jersey


The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains.

As long as you have capital punishment there is no guarantee that innocent people won't be put to death.

The president's veto of the re-authorization of SCHIP was a heartless act. Thanks to groups like Families USA and the Children's Health Fund, Congress is getting closer and closer to overriding the President's veto -- and children of hard working American families are getting closer to receiving affordable health care through SCHIP. I am asking those of you who supported the veto to reexamine your conscience, to find compassion in your heart for our most vulnerable and sweetest citizens -- our children. I am asking you to change your vote. If you do, I believe it will be one of the proudest days of your life.

I want to rid my heart of envy, and cleanse my soul of rage before I'm through.

Prayers offered in times of peace are silent conversations. Appeals for love, or love's release. In private invocations. But all that is changed now. Gone like a memory from the day before the fires. People hungry for the voice of God hear lunatics and liars. Wartime prayers. Wartime prayers in every language spoken. For every family scattered and broken.

Trust your intuition. It's just like goin' fishin'. You cast your line and hope you get a bite.

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