Denise Scotto

American Human Rights Lawyer,
Founder, Global Legal Strategies


"...for me, the spiritual is an integral part of my life,
and it is not just about working to advance human rights,
and the empowerment of women, youth, and other groups.
It is about creating a better world and advancing the human consciousness."

Denise Scotto's dedication to creating a better world is reflected in every aspect of her diverse careers, talents and accomplishments. She is the founder of Global Legal Strategies, an international consulting firm that focuses on "justice and implementation mechanisms, United Nations System training and representation, in-depth research-based education, advocacy strategy, policy development, and cross-cultural dialogue and exchange."

As a lawyer, Denise Scotto has represented governments, non-profits, NGOs, businesses, law firms and individual clients, advising and advocating on civil rights issues, labor employment, human rights, policy development, gender issues and conflict resolution. Working within the United Nations system with the UN Department for Economic & Social Affairs and in other capacities, she has helped draft UN resolutions and treaties, and shape local, national and international government policies, legislation, and education programs. A passionate and dynamic speaker, she has participated in, as well as organized, many conferences and programs all around the world. She's represented or served on the Board of numerous organizations including the Source of Synergy Foundation, Bridges of Hope Project, United Nations Enlightenment Society, Values Caucus at the United Nations, the International Federation of Women Lawyers and the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers. As a teacher, Denise Scotto has lectured on human rights and the rule of law as an adjunct faculty at Ramapo College. She is also an interfaith minister and an artist, whose work has been exhibited in group shows at the Art Students League in New York City.

Global Legal Strategies

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