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What's Your Issue For A Better World?

In the past, societies were very much separated from each other. It took a long time for people to travel from one place to another, and it took even longer for ideas to spread from one culture to the next. Today the world is a much smaller place. People can travel fairly quickly to any place in the world, and ideas can spread instantly. This "globalization" of the world has brought many benefits to the human family including improved technologies and medical treatments and a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all life on the planet.

However, some of the results of globalization have not benefited most people or the other living creatures that share our planet. The primary reason is that the driving force behind globalization has largely been the establishment of a global economy which puts profits before people or the planet. Corporations have been given tremendous power to alter the course of our lives. Instead of helping to make the world a better place, the changes caused by globalization are causing more and more suffering in the world. The environment is becoming more polluted; species of plants and animals are becoming extinct; cultures and languages are being lost; and the gap between the very rich and the very poor is growing larger each year.

In order to transform the global economy into a true global community, we need to ensure that decisions governments make about the course of our present and future are based on what is best for the people they govern, not corporations and other special interests. Only then we can create more sustainable local, national and global communities. We can help this to happen by using our economic resources to convince corporations to be socially responsible.

Money, when used for good, can help change the world. Put your resources to work for a better world. Be conscious of the way you spend your money. Purchase Fair Trade products - products that are supplied by workers and growers who are paid fair wages, and work in safe conditions. Demand corporate responsibility -- with our purchasing power, we can force corporations to manufacture and distribute their goods in ways that respect workers and protect our planet. Take a bite out of corporate control by getting money out of politics.


Workers Day - May 1
Fair Trade Day - 2nd Sat in May

End Poverty Day - October 17
Buy Nothing Day - 4th Fri in November


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DO ONE THING and BetterWorld Kids Clubs are projects of The EMILY Fund (The Emily Silverstein Fund, Inc.)
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