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Nonviolence is both a philosophy and a strategy that is based on striving to attain social or political change without the use of violence. It does not advocate passively accepting an unjust situation. Instead, nonviolence presents techniques to bring about change without the use of force. Civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance are two powerful tools of those who practice nonviolence. Nonviolent movements have used many specific techniques such as protests, pickets, petitions, vigils, hunger strikes, sit-ins, tax and draft refusal, blockades and many other methods.

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. are two of the most inspiring leaders who utilized nonviolent methods to successfully lead movements for change. In 1997, to commemorate the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of these great leaders, A Season for Nonviolence was organized from January 30 to April 4. Since then, each year this global grassroots campaign has continued to commemorate their legacies and raise awareness about the healing and transforming power of nonviolence. The Season For Nonviolence has become an important educational and media opportunity to bring communities together, empowering them to envision and help create a nonviolent world, one heart and one day at a time.

Throughout the 64-day campaign, events and activities for peace and nonviolence take place all around the world, highlighting existing peacebuilding initiatives, and inspiring new year-round activities for a more peaceful, nonviolent, just and sustainable world.

Season for Nonviolence - January 30 - April 4

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DO ONE THING for a Better World

1. Find out more about Gandhi, King, Chavez and other nonviolence heroes

2. Find out more about nonviolent methods of resolving conflicts

3. Do an act of nonviolence, kindness or compassion daily during the 64 day Season for Nonviolence

4. Support organizations working for nonviolent change

5. Organize or participate in a community-building, awareness raising or volunteer service activity during the Season For Nonviolence

More About
Season For Nonviolence

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Issue: Nonviolence

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Coretta Scott King

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