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Celebrate for a Better World

December 1

* World AIDS Day

José Figueres abolished the army of Costa Rica in 1949

Antarctic Peace Treaty, 1959

Ernst Toller born in Prussia, 1893

Medha Patkar born in India, 1954

National Holiday of Central African Republic, Romania

December 2

* International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Ibrahim Rugova born in Yugoslavia, 1944

Lucy Liu born in New York, 1968

National Holiday of Lao People's Democratic Republic, United Arab Emirates

December 3

* International Day of Persons With Disabilities

Octavia Hill born in England, 1838

Kim Dae Jung born in Korea, 1925

Daryl Hannah born in Illinois, 1960

December 4

Luther Gulick born in Hawaii, 1865

Jeff Bridges born in California, 1949

December 5

* International Volunteer Day

The UN agreed to establish the University of Peace in Costa Rica, 1980

National Holiday of Thailand

December 6

Patsy Takemoto Mink born in Hawaii, 1927

Climate Change Day [1st Saturday]

13th Amedment, abolishing slavery was ratified, 1865

National Holiday of Finland

December 7

* International Civil Aviation Day

Noam Chomsky born in Pennsylvania, 1928

Melba Pattillo Beals was born in 1941

Harry Chapin was born in New York in 1942

Steve Diamond was born in Panama in 1946

December 8

Teri Hatcher was born in California in 1964

Baron Pierre de Coubertin created the modern Olympic games, Athens 1896

US and Soviet Union signed treaty to eliminate 2 classes of nuclear weapons, 1987

December 9

 * International Anti-Corruption Day

Esther Peterson was born in Utah in 1906

December 10

* Human Rights Day

William Lloyd Garrison born in Massachusetts, 1805

Spanish American War ended with the signing of a treaty in Paris, 1898

The Nobel Prizes are awarded each year in Norway and Sweden on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death (first prize was awarded in 1901)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted 1948

December 11

* International Mountain Day

George Mason born in Virginia, 1725

Tom Hayden born in Michigan, 1939

UNICEF (the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) was established, 1946

National Holiday of Burkina Faso

December 12

National Holiday of Kenya

Charlotte Gulick born in ohio, 1865

Beate Weber born in Germany, 1943

December 13

Else von Hollander born in Latvia, 1885

Ella Baker born in Virginia, 1903

December 14

Leonardo Boff born in Brazil, 1938

The UN General Assembly voted to establish its headquarters in New York City, 1946

December 15

Bill of Rights Day, commemorating ratification of Bill of Rights in 1791

United Nations Resolution for "Right to Life in Peace," 1978

December 16

Reconciliation Day (South Africa)

Amy Carmichael born in Northern Ireland, 1867

Margaret Mead born in Pennsylvania, 1901

President A.N.R. Robinson born in Tobago, 1926

Barbara Wiedner born in Wisconsin, 1928

Barbara Smith born in Ohio, 1946

National Holiday of Bahrain

Indian Ocean Zone of Peace 1974

December 17

Craig Kielburger born in Toronto, Canda, 1982

National Holiday of Bhutan

Clean Air Act passed by Congress, 1967

December 18

* International Migrants Day

Willy Brandt born in Germany, 1913

Ossie Davis born in Georgia, USA, 1917

Dick Wareham born in Pennsylvania, 1924

Stephen Biko born in South Africa, 1946

Brad Pitt born in Oklahoma, 1963

National Holiday of Niger

UN Convention on the Rights of Women, 1952

Treaty on Migrant Rights, 1990

December 19

Mary Livermore born in Massachusetts, 1820

Phil Ochs born in Texas, 1940

Richard Leakey born in Kenya, 1944

Alyssa Milano born in New York, 1972

* United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

December 20

General Assembly approved the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, 1965

* International Human Solidarity Day

December 21

End Homelessness Day

Jane Fonda born in New York, 1932

Phil Donahue born in Ohio, 1935

Matthew Fox born in Wisconsin, 1940

Robert Bullard born, 1946

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. gave 8 million dollars for land on the East River, Manhattan, New York to build a home for the United Nations 1946

December 22

Hector Elizondo born in New York, 1936

Ralph Fiennes born in England, 1962

Environmental Agenda of Rio approved by United Nations General Assembly, 1992

December 23 National Holiday of Japan
December 24

Benjamin Rush was born in Pennsylvania in 1745

Cary Fowler was born in Tennessee in 1949

Irene Khan was born in Bangladesh in 1956

December 25

Anwar Sadat born in Egypt, 1918

Clara Barton born in Massachusetts, 1821

Atal Bihari Vajpayee born in India, 1924

Annie Lennox born in Scotland, 1954

December 26

UN Convention to combat desertification came into force 1997

Norman Angell was born in England, 1872

José Ramos-Horta born in East Timor, 1949

December 27

Rodrigo Carazo born in Costa Rica, 1927

Zafrullah Chowdhury born in Bangladesh, 1941

December 28

Woodrow Wilson born in Virginia, 1856

Endangered Species Act signed into law, 1973

December 29

Pablo Casals born in Spain, 1876

Ted Danson born in California, 1947

Jude Law born in England, 1972

Václav Havel became President of Czechoslovakia, 1989

Peace accord ends 36 year civil war in Guatemala, 1996

December 30

John Peter Altgeld born in Germany, 1847

Hanumappa Reddy Sudarshan born in India, 1950

December 31

World Spirituality Day

Simon Wiesenthal born in Austria, 1908

John Denver born in New Mexico, 1943

Marla Ruzicka born in New California, 1976

UN Secretary-General Perez de Cuellar achieved cease-fire in El Salvador two minutes before midnight, ending his second term as Secretary-General, 1991

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