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Celebrate for a Better World

May 1

International Workers' Day

Law Day


Mother Jones born in Ireland, 1830

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin born in France, 1881

Judy Collins born in Washington, 1939

Swanee Hunt born in Texas, 1950

National Holiday of Marshall Islands

May 2

Benjamin Spock born in Connecticut, 1903

Joanna Macy born in California, 1929

Perdita Huston born in Maine, 1936

Bianca Jagger born in Nicaragua, 1950

80 nations agreed on total ban of ozone destructive chemicals, 1989

May 3

* World Press Freedom Day

Pete Seeger born in New Jersey, 1919

Leyla Zana born in Turkey, 1961

Princess Haya of Jordan born in Jordan, 1974

National Holiday of Poland

May 4

Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium, 1929

 The "Freedom Riders" begin a bus trip through the South to promote civil rights, 1961.

Don't Make A Wave Committee officially changed its name to "Greenpeace Foundation", 1972.

May 5

Gilbert M. Grosvenor was born in Washington, DC, 1931

Mohandas Gandhi freed from prison, 1944 

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan achieved agreement on Independence of East Timor, 1999

May 6

Jean-Michel Cousteau born in France, 1938

George Clooney born in Kentucky, 1961

 Agenda for Development published by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali 1994

May 7

Olympe de Gouges born in France, 1748

José Antonio Abreu born in Venezuela, 1939

May 8

* Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War (May 8-9)

Henri Dunant born in Switzerland, 1828

Edgar "Daddy" Allen born in Massachusetts, 1862

Smallpox eradicated by World Health Organization (WHO) two years after last case, 1980

May 9 Fair Trade Day [2nd Saturday]

Henry Kaiser born in New York, 1882

Sophie Scholl born in Germany, 1921

Daniel Berrigan born in Minnesota, 1921

May 10 Mother's Day [2nd Sunday] - originally Mother's Day for Peace, proposed by Julia Ward Howe, 1870

Beyers Naudé born in South Africa, 1915

Jean Houston born in South Africa, 1937

Christina Tézenas du Montcel born in France, 1943

Donovan born in Scotland, 1946

Bono born in Ireland, 1960

National Holiday of Israel

Opening of Hague Appeal for Peace, The Netherlands 1999

May 11

Natasha Richardson born in England, 1963

United Nations Under Secretary-General Ralph Bunche achieved peaceful independence of Bahrain, 1970

More than 170 countries agreed to extend the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty indefinitely and without conditions, 1995

May 12

First Session of Commission on International Law 1947

Florence Nightingale born in Italy, 1820

Gabriel Byrne born in Ireland, 1950

May 13

David Adams born in Missouri, 1939

Stephen Colbert born in South Carolina, 1964

May 14

* World Migratory Bird Day

Robert Owen born in Wales, 1771

May 15

* International Day of Families

Utah Phillips born in Ohio, 1935

National Holiday of Paraguay

Stained-glass window 'Peace' by Marc Chagall dedicated in UN Meditation Room, 1963

May 16

Universal Peace Union founded in Providence, RI, USA by Alfred Love, 1866

Studs Terkel born in New York, 1912

Robert Jay Lifton born in New York, 1926

John Conyers, Jr. born in Michigan, 1929

Pierce Brosnan born in Ireland, 1953

May 17

Robert Alan Silverstein born in New York, 1959

* WORLD TELECOMMUNICATION DAY in honor of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) founded 1865

National Holiday of Norway

May 18

Opening of the first Hague Peace Conference, called by Czar Nicolas of Russia, 1899

Bertrand Russell born in Wales, 1872

Frank Capra born in Sicily, Italy, 1897

May 19

Yuri Kochiyama born in California, 1921

Cynthia Basinet born in California, 1971

UN guided Namibia to independence, 1967

May 20

John Stuart Mill born in England, 1806

Franz Jägerstätter born in Austria, 1907

National Holiday of Cameroon

May 21

* Diversity Day

Dialogue Day

Elizabeth Fry born in England, 1780

Léon Bourgeois born in France, 1851

Andrei Sakharov born in Moscow, 1921

Mary Robinson born in Ireland, 1944

May 22

* BioDiversity Day

National Holiday of Yemen

Biodiversity Convention adopted, Nairobi 1992

M. Scott Peck born in New York, 1936

Betty Williams born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1943

May 23

First Special Session on Disarmament at UN Headquarters, New York City 1978

Margaret Fuller born in Massachusetts, 1810

Jewel Kilcher born in Utah, 1974

May 24

Bob Dylan born in Minnesota, 1941

George Lakoff born in 1941

Eren Keskin born in Turkey, 1959

National Holiday of Eritrea

May 25

* Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories (May 25 - June 1)

Ralph Waldo Emerson born in Massachusetts, 1803

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh born in New York, 1917

Eve Ensler born in New York, 1953

National Holiday of Argentina, Jordan

May 26

National Holiday of Georgia

Aruna Roy born in India, 1946

Lenny Kravitz born in New York, 1964

May 27

Nothing To Fear Day

Amelia Bloomer born in New York, 1818

Julia Ward Howe born in New York, 1819

Rachel Carson born in Pennsylvania, 1907

Hubert Humphrey born in South Dakota, 1911

May 28 National Holiday of Azerbaijan, Ethiopia
May 29

* International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

Abdoulaye Wade born in Senegal, 1926

May 30

Ruth Manorama born in India, 1952

National Holiday of Croatia

May 31

* World No Tobacco Day

Walt Whitman born in New York, 1819

David A. Morse born in New York, 1907

Peter Yarrow born in New York, 1938

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