Dorothy "Dot" Maver

President, Peace Partnership International

birthdate: ?


our stance is not to talk “anti-war” stance, but work side-by-side with you, and paint a picture with those who are choosing that same line of what’s beyond war

...many of our folks are insistent that we need to paint a compelling and credible vision of the future that actually unifies action. That includes making this the final, if you will, war. Of course we want out of Iraq, and of course we want to end this and to begin redeploying troops immediately. But painting such a compelling vision and to reduce and prevent violence ultimately—there has been no Republican or Democrat that has disagreed with us on our visits to the Hill or throughout this country that violence is of epidemic proportions, and that the war is a huge symbol of that. I just invite us to think about what we can do together. Our constituency is not taking an “anti” stance: We are absolutely not for war and what we are doing is painting this picture. We’ve got the stats and a lot of support from both sides of the aisle that maybe we could talk about that vision that could be painted in this, as you called it, “final grandstanding.” It’s a no-brainer: money should be spent first domestically, and internationally, but domestically to reduce and prevent violence and bring programs and whatnot back to our inner cities and communities.

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